About Me

  • Opened Syna Harris's Home Salon in 2013
  • Graduated from Cameo College of Essential Beauty
  • Specialties include: formal up-dos, eyelash extensions and custom hair coloring.
  • Gained 3 years of experience in Salt Lake City prior to moving to Cache Valley in 2010
  • Sassoon trained
  • Mac Pro Certified
  • Certified Bella Lash Instructor 
  • Certified Pureologist 


There are 3 things that make me the happiest: Joel Byron Harris, Stories, & My Religion.

Joel and I have been married over 5 years and I still can't sleep if he's out of town! He wakes me up with breakfast every weekend, gives me surprise lap dances any chance he gets, and knows how to swing a hammer! (Thats not an innuendo he's a very talented home builder!) Who could ask for more?

I love stories in all forms! I love reading and going to the movies. Joel and I often pull out the mattress, grab some Oreos and have a T.V. Marathon.  (I get invested in fictional characters' well being, more then I would like to admit) I adore chatting with my friends and clients, hearing all their stories. Pictures say a thousand words so I would throw pictures and even music in the mix. Anything that speaks to me, gives me heart eyes! 

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints <---- Click here and find out more :)

Actually I need to add Chocolate and Sunshine to my happy list!

So lets be friends! Xo,


  1. I laughed right out loud reading your "about me" - you have the best personality, and you are amazing!

    1. How am I just seeing this comment? Thanks girlie! I'm glad someone thinks I'm funny haha! Love ya!!