Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Maeberry Vintage // 1940's - 1980's Halloween Ideas

Natashia, the master mind behind Canary Jane, thought it would be fun to give you guys a little inspiration for halloween. Maeberry Vintage supplied all the clothing to give you some fun classic looks. They can work for the upcoming holiday or even just everyday. I know I would wear my dress any given day! I kind of love the 40's look!
If you are in the Salt Lake area and have never been to Maeberry you should definitely drop by. It is seriously the cutest little vintage shop around! I loved looking through all the fab styles from the past, they have just about anything you can think of. 
To showcase the styles from the 1940's - 1980's I teamed up with four other bloggers for this shoot. That's been one of the best things about starting Syna Style is getting to meet people from the blogging community. Who knew there were so many out there?

I already mentioned the lovely Natashia before. I'm so glad she put this all together! 
Natashia has a blog (Canary Jane) and etsy shop where she sells her illustrations. She made this super cute print for our collaboration.

You can get it here || Here ||
And if you use the code "Maeberry" you'll reciece 10% off! 
I'm not gonna lie I was pretty excited to be drawn! Isn't it so cool!?
Natashia is rocking this fabulous dress for her 70's look and she couldn't be more vibrant and happy. I mean come on, doesn't her outfit just make you happy??
Amy is showing you a stylish Mad Men inspired 50's look. I love the details, her pumps are to die for and I obsessed over her gorgeous ring the whole evening!
She is a talented design blogger. Check out Commona My House where you can get endless tips for your home!
Cecilia is modeling a look influenced by the 1950's. This blue is such a darling shade on her and I love her sweet flipped out hair. The whole looks is so cute and feminine. Cecilia is the author behind Dearest Lou. Check out her blog to see some of her other fashion choices.
I'm sure you can figure out what look Sarah is sporting. Her side pony tale and jean jacket totally screams 80's. Love all her sassy attitude and pink makeup; it's so fun! Sarah is the face of Sassy Red Lipstick. Go take a peak at all her neat fashion posts. 
I think it would be so fun to live in the 1940's!
Every time I watch The Notebook I just want to jump into my tv and steal Rachel McAdams' whole wardrobe. I love all the silhouettes from this decade. The hair was so fun too! I adore this victory roll that Cassi (Belezafish) styled for me. The makeup was so clean a pretty back then, just how I like it!  Lesley Lind did an amazing job on my makeup! It was so nice to get pampered rather than worry about getting my self ready like usual. 
Clothing by Maeberry Vintage: || Here ||
Hair by Belezafish: || Here ||
Makeup by Lesley Lind: || Here ||
Photos by Abby Cabrera: || Here || 
Organizer & Illustrator by Canary Jane: || Here ||
 Hope this gives you some good ideas for Halloween on Saturday!! Xo,


  1. These are SO fun!! I love all the different looks that the shop carried. So good!!

  2. OK I LOVE!!! And this looks like so much fun!