Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Happy List

Sorry I've been slacking on the blog lately! It's been so hard to make time with this crazy summer. I thought I'd fill you in on what I've been up to with another happy list...

Summer Happy list:
• The cutest 2 year old around visited Utah! + My out of state siblings and their significant others but they aren't as cute haha
• Pool time // Everything is more fun when there is water involved 
• I love to see the temple
• I had a super fun job doing hair and makeup for USU in Price, Moab, & Blanding
• Star Gazing
• Making all my brides gorgeous   
• Spending lots of time with the youth >> Girls Camp (My 1st one ever!), Youth Conference, and much more
• Khmer Dancing
• Hiking the Narrows
• Beauty & the Beast at Tuachan
• Syna Harris Home Salon in full swing // working it all day, every day! (Well expect Sundays of course unless I call you grandma, then you get pretty nails)
• Camping in the Unitas and getting caught in rain storms 
• Real Salt Lake Game
• Fireworks >> Happy Birthday America!
• Party hopping 
• Bon Fires // squished hot dogs & wolf'ems
• Quality time with the fan bam
• Camping in Bear Lake + Turning Joel into a merman
• Fixing up our house // New Paint, lights, window & door casings, and new floors coming soon!
• Meeting new people 
• Fun Photo shoots
Hopefully with summer winding down I can find more time to blog and get back on track. But for now lets all enjoy the rest of the summer while we can! Xo,

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