Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sequin dress + Rocksbox jewelry

Who doesn't love playing dress up? 
|| This Bree Lena dress is fabulous! ||

It's actually two-pieces. You can wear the sequin dress alone or you can put this amazing tulle skirt on top. It makes it a completely different dress. It's so fun! 

I first saw her stuff at Provo Fashion Week about a year ago and her set was my favorite.
I became a fan right away. I love how she uses all these wonderful textures in her clothing.

Photos by the darling Lindsay from LC Photography >>
My lovely necklace and bracelet are both from Rocksbox.

Have you guys heard of it? It's pretty awesome!
You take a style survey so they can see what kind of jewelry you like. Then once a month they send you 3 pieces that you can wear however many times you want. If you love a piece you can buy it if not send them back and you'll get 3 new pieces to try out! 

All my readers can try it out free for one month! 
Just use the code synaharrisxoxo 

You're welcome ;) Xo,


  1. Oh la la! Love it! And love a dress with a removable skirt!

  2. That dress is amazing, am I the only one who wishes pieces like this could be acceptable to wear on a day to day basis? ;)

    1. Oh I know! I sometimes I wish I lived back in the day where ladies never left the house unless they were in a gown. But then I remember how fabulous sweats & yoga pants are haha!