Monday, June 15, 2015

Utah Fashion Blogger

I love fashion...
 I love dressing up and feeling my best. I love dressing down, being comfortable and casual. I love all the in-between looks as well.

 I love that with fashion you can take something practical (like a hat to shade you from the sun) and have it be just as stylish as it is functional...
like this hat!

I love how you can find just the right item and it can make you feel better about yourself...
like these heels!

I used to think that I could never wear strappy heels because I have wide, flat feet. Still I longed for them and would try them on over and over again just to be saddened by my crazy Cambodian feet hanging off the sole. But I tried these on and Hey! They weren't half bad! I think it's because the strap is on a diagonal, makes a world of difference.  

It seems so dumb but it really made me so happy when I found these!

Another silly thing that I was stoked about is finding some earrings the exact same color as my dress!
Another comfy maxi dress >> With sleeves! Yay!

Oh and scored this fab bag from Bright Night.

Lots of happy in one outfit! :)
Fashion >> Love
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 Forever 21 Hat || Here ||
Kate Spade Earrings || Here ||
Sage & Harper Bag || Here ||
BCBGeneration Heels || Similar Here ||
|| Photos by: Minted Gold Photography ||

What do you love about fashion? Let me know! Xo,


  1. You are just so lovely, Syna!! And that bag is amazing!! xo!

    1. Jen you're a doll! And I love my bag, the girl that does Harper & Sage is just the sweetest.

  2. So cute! Love everything ,you're a beauty