Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Oregon Anniversary

Recently we celebrated our 6 year anniversary!
 Six...Crazy! Seriously time is just flying by. 
But I feel like that's a good thing because things only seem to drag on when it's no fun. 
These 6 years have been a blast!

|| Marriage is the greatest ||

Every year for our anniversary we do a little road trip. It's become something I look forward to every year, I love them so much! We've gone to Las Vegas, Zion, the Redwoods, Arches & Canyonlands, and Yosemite. This year we decided to go to the Columbia River Gorge. 

I have the cutest little client who loves to hike and she has told me multiple times "You need to go to the Columbia River Gorge, it's the most beautiful place I've every been!" Now that we've gone I would probably have to agree! 

So if you are making a trip to Oregon anytime soon I've compiled 6 things we enjoyed there :)


...and all the other waterfalls on The Historic Columbia River Highway. It's such a fun drive :)

You see pictures of Multnomah everywhere, so if you're in the area you can't miss out on seeing it in person. Plus its so easy to get to so there's really no reason not to see it.

If you are an endowed member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints go do a session or whatever else you feel like. If you aren't check it out anyways its a beautiful building. The grounds are so peaceful and quiet. It's crazy that it's right next to the freeway because you can't here anything! Joel and I love going to different temples. We try to carve out some time on our travels if there is ever a temple nearby. The Portland temple (like all of them really) is very pretty!

3. Pigging Out!

I feel like all we did in Portland is eat! It's a foodie's dream! I don't consider myself a foodie because I have the taste buds of a grade schooler, but I sure do love to eat. 

Joel and I love donuts. It's my attempt at eating more hole foods ;)

So of course we had to try Voodoo Donuts. The donuts were good but really I think it's more for the experience. It was fun to wait in line and watch the street performers. And I love all the clever names they have for their donuts. 
We also went to Salty's, they have yummy seafood. It was a nice romantic place to go on our actual anniversary. Watching the sunset on the Columbia River and the airplanes overhead was pretty neat.
Also it made me so happy that Portland is obsessed with bacon. Everything is either wrapped in bacon or has piles of bacon on it. I feel like I always have to add bacon to things but not here! 

|| Portland gets me || 

3. Oneonta Gorge

I knew this hike would be freezing since we were coming in May but the pictures looked too amazing to pass up. 

|| Boy was it FREEZING ||

This hike is located off the Historic Columbia River Highway just before Multnomah falls. You go down into this slot canyon and you have to scramble pass a big log jam just to start the hike. It's pretty easy but there were some slippery spots. 

This hike is similar to The Narrows in Zion because you're hiking in a river the whole time. Once I stepped in, the water was so cold it took my breath away. once I got my breath there were some girlie squeals here and there. Luckily the water only got to my knees the majority of the time. 

There was one spot I could tell was pretty deep. Hikers passing us on their way out informed us the water would go to my chin. And to be honest that sounded miserable! So I decided I was going to climb the wall and avoid the water completely. 

I got pretty far until I got to a spot where I just couldn't find a foothold. I was looking for a minute and then I asked a man passing by in the water if he could see a spot for my feet. He found a little step a few inches in the water that would work. I tried to lower myself to get to that spot but the walls were all wet and slippery and of course I fell in!

Luckily he was still there to catch me and pushed me up on the step. Saving me from completely falling into the freezing cold water while my dry husband watched safely on the the rocks behind me. Haha! No worries he jumped in after all was said and done. I just like to tease him ;)

The gorge ends with this raging waterfall. It was so powerful blowing cold mist at us while we tried to get as close as we dared. Even though it was freezing and we were in the shade the whole time because of the narrow cliffs, this hike was so worth it. And that is saying a lot cause I hate to be cold but it was one of the coolest hikes I have ever done! I guess sheer beauty of the gorge was tricking my mind that the cold isn't that bad.
|| Joel walking across the log jam & me trying to avoid the deep water ||

The views of Portland are amazing 
and you get to walk around a super pretty mansion that was built in 1914.
Also the landscaping here is goregous!

6. Eagle Creek Hike

This was probably the farthest I've hiked in one day, but it's an easy hike with little elevation gain. Along this hike you see tons of beautiful waterfalls. The most notable ones are Punchbowl Falls and Tunnel Falls. Tunnel Falls is so fun, there is a man made tunnel right behind the falls giving you unique views of the waterfall. Definitely the highlight of the hike making it a perfect place to turn around.

 A little more than half way is High Bridge which has stunning views. I felt like I was in the amazon or somewhere just as exotic looking down on Eagle Creek with lush greens on each side. This hike was amazing it was so nice to get away and enjoy such a beautiful area!  
|| Loowit Falls ||

|| Punchbowl Falls ||

 || Metlako Falls & the view from High Bridge ||

|| Tunnel Falls ||

I hope this helps if you are visiting Oregon anytime soon! Happy Travels! Xo,


  1. What a fun anniversary vacation! I've never been to Oregon but I'm dying to go, especially now after this post!

  2. 6 years wow congrats to you! Love how you guys have so much fun together :)