Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hand Picked

To live out my dream of being a celebrity stylist I decided to add a new page to Syna Style titled Hand Picked << Go ahead you know you want to click on this link ;)

Each month I'll have different fabulous items I've been swooning over,
 as well as things I already have and love. 
For example this month I have NARS dual intensity blush.
You probably already know I'm a huge fan of NARS blush.
Now with the dual intensity giving you 2 shades in 1 I'm an even bigger fan!
Just add water to magnify the shade, great for sculpting.

So rest assured I won't put anything in Hand Picked that I wouldn't wear myself. 

Actually this is even better than dressing celebrities. I'll get the chance to dress my readers!
 || Making real people look really hot! ||
Whats better than that?

And please don't be shy, give me some feedback on what you'd like to see.
This month I've notice I've been really into florals.
They are just so fun & bright, makes me happy! :)

I hope this gives you some style inspiration! Xo,


  1. First of all..you've been featured in the knot?? um already on your way to celebrity stylist status!! Thanks for sharing this with us I would have never have thought to add water but I'm so not knowledgeable with makeup haha

    1. haha your comment made my day :) You're so cute!

  2. Love this! Like Cody, I wouldn't have thought to add water either, but that's brilliant! I'd love to see your favorite BB creams.

    1. Oh good to know, I'll have to research and play around with some BB creams. Thanks!

  3. Just come and put my makeup on me every day pleeeeease!!! I am almost due for new blush... I may have to try this! And I LOVE your handpicked page. I'd like one of everything, please!

    1. Haha yes I'd love to doll you up everyday! You are so sweet! Thanks so much for reading and all your sweet words I really appreciate it!! :)