Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Samantha + Conner // Logan, Utah Wedding

Samantha was such a sweet bride. I really enjoyed getting to know her while I got her ready for her bridals and wedding. We have pretty similar styles, meaning we both like minimal hair and makeup. Samantha is gorgeous, she really doesn't need much. She just wanted something really natural and pretty. I think it turned out great for the pictures! 

|| Photos by the oh so talented Brittany Cascio ||
The morning of her wedding while I was getting her ready, Samantha's videographer came over to film her reading a letter that Conner wrote for her. It was seriously the sweetest thing ever! I wanted to cry.
  || I just love love! ||
It makes me so happy. These two know what they're doing. I'm so lucky to be a part of their special day. I hope these two stay this happy for eternity! Xo,


  1. Love it! We need to work together sometime!

  2. She looks radiant! Lovely work, as always!

  3. Great work, the bride looks so gorgeous!

  4. How beautiful bride!! She looks like my little sister. You know she just got married at one of the prettiest Banquet Halls in Rome. It was the fantastic destination wedding I have ever attended. Anyway, the photographer did great job in this wedding.