Thursday, March 5, 2015

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Just recently I attended the Build Your Blog Conference which was so great. I learned so much, almost too much, my head was spinning by the end! I came home with so many idea for my blog, making me want to revamp everything. Since then I've been looking at a lot of other blogs for inspiration. But getting inspired by all these people in social media and comparing myself to them (making you feel like a loser) is a very thin line to walk!
 I've had to make a conscious effort to simply browse online and get inspired instead of feeling down that I didn't come up with that idea by myself, or have as many followers, or my website is as fancy. Everyone is their own worse critic. We tend to compare other's strengths to our weaknesses. Of course others are going to put their best self up for everyone else to see. Try to focus on your strengths and remember there is no need to compare yourself to others online. Just don't do it! :) 
This is mainly just me thinking out loud to remind myself. I'm sure you guys are all way ahead of me and don't need this, but just in case ;)
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And while your on her site check out all her other stuff, I adore everything she does!
She's also on Instagram :)

I love ya like...Xo,

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