Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Sorry I've been MIA. I recently took a trip to Cambodia with my husband and mom,
which I will be blogging about soon! 
But today we're going to talk about staples that every girl needs in her wardrobe.
A neutral colored purse, a nice peacoat, black skinnies, and some pumps.
I was really sad to leave the warmth of Cambodia to come back to the dismal weather here in Utah. I will admit it is actually pretty warm here for this time of the year, but I still miss palm trees and sunshine! At least I can be stylish while I bundle up. 
My advice, spend a little more for a nice wool coat that will last. I've had this coat for over 7 years and still love it! It's classic but the pop of color makes it fun.

My mom and sister went in together to get me a nice purse for Christmas and I'm loving it! Its such a pain to switch all of my stuff from one purse to another so tend to use the same purse almost everyday. Thats why I like to stick with neutrals so it doesn't clash with my different outfits. I also love how this purse has 3 different sections so I can find my stuff easier instead of one main part where you have to fish for something for who knows how long!

As a hair stylist I live in black. Splattered some color on my pants? No big deal. And that happens way more than I'd like to admit. Not only is black slimming and chic it hides how messy I can be at work. Thats why black skinnies are the best. They go with literally everything! I don't ever spend very much on them, because I wear them so often that they fade from washing them so much.  These were only $12! So replacing them isn't a big deal...

Same goes with my heels, I can be pretty rough on them! I love the classic look of pumps and I could really use some help in the height department (I'm only 5'1") so these are my go to shoes. You can't go wrong! Might sound boring but once these start to wear out I'll go and buy another pair of 4 inch black heels just like it because I can't live without them!
Purse || Kate Spade ||
Peacoat || Guess ||
Skinnies || Forever 21 ||
Pumps || H&M ||
|| Photos by: Kylee Ann Photography ||

Happy Shopping! Xo,


  1. Cambodia?! Can't wait to see those photos! I love the color!

  2. Gorgeous, Syna! I agree with your points here about your outfit. You are a friggin BABE! ♡

  3. Gorgeous, Syna! I agree with your points here about your outfit. You are a friggin BABE! ♡