Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lindsey + Nate // Logan, Utah Wedding

A while back I had the opportunity to do Lindsey's hair and makeup for her wedding at The Riter Mansion. It was so fun putting together this elegant up-do with some complimentary makeup. She has great style, I'm in love with her dress! She picked a fabulous photographer, LeeYen from Loblee Photography; who mainly shoots with film to give her photos an unique touch. Add all that together and your guaranteed some great shots! 
Weddings are my favorite! I guess you can call me a sappy, hopeless romantic but I just love how happy this couple looks in these pictures, it just makes me so happy! Xo,


  1. Her hair is absolutely incredible!! So gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Jessie! We need to do a shoot together sometime! :)

  2. Syna, love this post! Her makeup and hair look amazing!

  3. Congrats Lindsay and Nate!! Your hair style look so beautiful and unique dear. I am going to hire best hair stylist for my wedding at banquet halls in Chicago. I am sure every guest will love arrangements of my wedding.