Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cambodia Part 2

One of the things I was most excited to show Joel when we got to Cambodia was all the temples in Siem Reap. I've seen pictures of Angkor Wat my whole life but it wasn't until 2007 that I was finally able to see it in person. I was blown away, I can't even fathom how they built these amazing temples so long ago. All the carvings and the details that went into these temples are just breathtaking! If you've never heard about Angkor Wat or the other Temples in Siem Reap you need to look them up and add this to your bucket list. It's by far the coolest place that I have ever been.

But lets start from the beginning of our Siem Reap Trip. We had to rent a van and we stuffed 17 of my family members in it for a 7 hour drive! We have lots of family in Cambodia, my mom is the oldest of 11 kids! After we found a hotel in Siem Reap we went to Sophea Angkor, a buffet where you can also catch a show while you eat.

|| In front of the buffet, Joel mainly wanted a picture of the crazy power lines ||
|| After the show you could come up and take a picture with the Apsara dancers ||

Then we headed out to the Night Market. For some reason my feet had just blown up! I think they were swollen from the plane ride but I couldn't be sure. I literally had rolls on my ankles! So I decided to get a half hour foot massage. Which was fabulous, it helped the swelling go down and it was only 3 dollars! While I was getting my massage. Joel and my uncle Trent were taking care of their feet as well. They got a fish foot massage! Where you stick your feet in a tank and the fish eat your dead skin off. Ugh, yeah there was no way I was trying that...
After wandering around the market (the temperature was in the 90's our whole trip so walking around at night was perfect!) we did a little dancing and called it a night. The following day was spent at the park so prepare yourself for an overload of temple pictures! 

|| I am in no way a photographer, these are all just iPhone photos haha ||

I warned you there would be a lot of pictures! Thats why I'm breaking my trip down in a few post :) Come back tomorrow for round 3! Xo,

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