Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cambodia Part 1

It had been seven years since I had last went to Cambodia prior to this trip. That time I went all by myself and got incredibly sick. I came back weighing about 80 pounds from constantly throwing up and my sickness lingered for about a year after I returned. So why in the world would I want to go back?

     I'll admit I was really worried about getting sick again but I didn't want to let that fear stop me. I wanted to see my family again, I wanted them to meet Joel and I wanted to show Joel how wonderful it is there. This time I was very mindful, took a lot of precautions and my mother.

     One thing I wasn't worried about was getting there. Which was a complete nightmare that involved all 3 of us getting stuck in San Francisco for a night and Shanghai as well, making us lose two full days in Cambodia. I will never fly United Airlines again... But on a happier note Casey Toyama is seriously the nicest person ever for rescuing us in San Fran!!! Seriously anyone who knows her give her a big hug for me!

     Once we got to Cambodia it was so great! I didn't get sick the whole trip, I actually felt better than I have in a long time because I didn't have allergies! 

     For Joel's first day in Cambodia we went to the capital, Phnom Penh. My mom was determined to find a dress for my cousins wedding. I felt bad we were spending our first day shopping (Joel's least favorite activity), but he assured me he was very entertained people watching. The markets there are so lively, there are people everywhere and you can get just about anything. On one isle you'll have tons of multicolored wigs (as pictured below) and then the next one they're cutting up live giant fish right in front of you!

     || Joel enjoying a fresh coconut ||
|| An aerial view of the market ||

|| Safety is a must in the mall, no hand grenades allowed! ||
They have these signs with a red dash through them everywhere for just about anything, Joel & I got a big kick out of them.

Getting around in Cambodia can be a little tricky. Highly entertaining but a little crazy. Things we consider traffic laws here are merely suggestions there. My preferred method is by moto, and we have the selfies to prove it! It's not uncommon to see 3 or 4 or even sometimes 5 people on one motorcycle, as well as small children. You can see baby Tristan poking his head out in the middle picture.

|| My 2nd choice would be by tuk tuk (3 wheeler) ||
Another common sight, a ton of people crammed into one vehicle!

We decided to make this trip about two years ago when Joel's little brother Dan got called to serve a LDS mission in Cambodia. We were originally planning on picking him up but things got a bit tricky. Right before we left things fell into place and we were able to arrange a time to get him from the mission home and take him for the day. We were so excited to introduce him to my family! It was so fun listening to him talk to everyone, my family just adored him.

Side Note:
 || Dan actually came home on Sunday, I'm just super slow blogging about this! ||

The day after we saw Dan was my cousin Ratha's wedding. Weddings are fabulous when it isn't yours, or you're not in the wedding party! It was so fun to see everyone all dolled up. This was literally the only day on the whole trip that I did my makeup and hair haha! I need to do a throwback post of our Khmer wedding, there was lots of fun outfits...

A photo op with the bride & groom // Cutting the cake can get messy!
Everyone eating at the reception // Me & my pretty mom

The reception was so fun dancing with my family. At most Cambodian get togethers that involve dancing they will put a round table in the middle of the dance floor and you'll circle around the table while moving your hands to the beat. It sounds a bit strange and I'm probably not doing the best job describing it, but its way fun! The lead singer of the band was very impressed by Joel's Khmer dancing he made sure to give him the thumbs up and point him out every time we rotated back to the front. 

Come back tomorrow for part 2! Xo,