Saturday, December 27, 2014

Treesha + Matt

My beautiful sister in law (Joel's baby sister) is getting married today so I finally get to post her bridals! I had so much fun doing her hair & makeup. We put in some clip in extensions to make her braid longer. Tangled, Frozen, now Treesha, Disney princess status right here!

 A while back I met up with her & my mother in law at The Perfect Dress in Holladay (super late because they had moved since I got my wedding dress there and was super lost haha). I was so excited when I saw her in it because it was so pretty!! Treesha has great style! And with my friend Lindsay taking the pictures and doing the florals I knew everything would look amazing!

They went up to Tony Grove in the FREEZING cold and as miserable as they said it was out there, it sure was beautiful! Well worth a little frost bite right?
 I'm so happy for Treesha and its always fun to get a new addition to the family. 
Happy wedding day! Xo,