Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy List! (Part 3)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I hope today has been well spent with the people you love, eating till your hearts content! My Happy Lists have pretty much been things that I'm thankful for so I thought today would be fitting for round 3...

My Happy (& Thankful) List...
     [Part 3]
  • My sweet hubby who let's me dress him up and cut his hair how I want. 
  • Friends & family of course. 
  • FaceTime, so I can see my family on the holidays, no matter how far they are.
  • All of you who read my silly blog!
  • Pumpkin pie. 
  • That over size sweatshirts are in style so you can't see my food baby. 
  • The luxury of going to work without having to go out in the cold to do so. 
  • Two whole days off! This is very rare...
  • Black Friday deals that are online so I don't have to wait in the cold and worry about being trampled for going out to an actual store... @ || Kingdom and State || Lulu's || Zara || Forever 21 || Indy Brand Clothing || A few sites I will be checking out. 
  • Fun holiday traditions.
  • My mom having Thanksgiving the following day so she doesn't have to share her kids with the in-laws and we don't have to make anyone feel bad. 
  • Joel's parents and their cute Thanksgiving table where we write what we're thankful for...

P.S. Atticus is my car, Atticus the Acura :) 
Happy Holidays! Xo,

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