Friday, October 24, 2014

My Birthday Boy!

In celebration of this stud's 29th birthday I'm posting these amazing pictures that London Photography Inc took of us up Logan Canyon! Joel HATES taking pictures and the last time we took professional pictures was over 5 years ago for our wedding. So I had to bribe him with this cool Indy Brand shirt and made sure we did fun things for the shoot. Of course I also schedule it on my birthday for added insurance that he couldn't say no! Haha

So get ready for a picture overload, Lindsay Gillon has some serious skills and did an amazing job!
I can't help but over share!
 I love the little hobbit caves, they are so fun!
And who doesn't love waterfalls?
All this in one location, Logan Canyon rocks my socks!
Now lets talk fashion. This has to be the most causal dressed shoot I've done (mainly because I wanted Joel to be comfortable) and I'm so glad we did! I've lived in Utah my whole life. I'll admit when I was younger I wasn't so smitten by my home state but the more I explore the more I love it! Utah has so many fun things to offer, so when I saw this tee I couldn't agree more. It just makes me happy! Also I love supporting local so it made me want to buy it even more.
 My outfit
Tee || Here || Capris || Here || & Shoes || Here ||

Joel's Outfit
Tee || Here || Jeans || Here || & Shoes || Here ||

Anyone interested in a Hair Tutorial?
Comment below and let me know :)

All this time in the canyon, lets gear up and get to the fun stuff already! 
Joel & I really enjoy rock climbing. I wanted to do a climbing shoot but every time we try to take pictures, you pretty much just get a photo of someones butt. So I figured repelling would be better cause you can occasionally turn around and face the camera. Only problem is I hadn't actually gone repelling before. So a week before our shoot I made Joel teach me. He was a little worried but was still a good husband to show me the ropes, literally! (Haha sorry so corny!) Anyways that being said this was only the 2nd time I'd gone repelling, and yes there was a lot of butt shots regardless, but I still loved how it all turned out!
And of course a whole lot of pda through out! 
I had to do the spiderman kiss, it's a must when swinging from a rope...
Oh Yeah lets end with a nice bum shoot ;)

So happy to have this man in my life and I can't wait to start his birthday weekend! 
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend as well! Xo,


  1. So fun! Love how it shows your personalities so well.

  2. Hey Syna love your blog, how did you add your signature at the bottom of your posts??

    1. Thanks hon! So I just had my sister crop it from the logo Tosha made me. It's just a picture I insert at the end!

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