Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Killer Nails

I love halloween for many reasons, one being that everyones inner crazy comes out around this time! As I was perusing Pinterest I saw tons of awesome nails of some of our favorite slasher villains. So of course I had to try it out. Let me know if I nailed it or if it's another Pinterest fail! 

My Inspiration:
Bloody Nails & Villains
All Images above from Pinterest

 || My Nails ||
Top Row: Stephen King's It, Hannibal Lecter, & The Joker from the Dark Knight
Bottom Row: Friday the 13th's Jason, Freddy Krueger, Jigsaw from the Saw Movies, & Scream's Ghostface (& blood nails in-between)

I really like the look of the splattered blood but the dripping look is a lot less messy! HannahRoxNails has awesome tutorial videos. She did this Cartoon Drip video last year. I remember watching it before and knew exactly how to do the blood. 

I couldn't think of an easy way to do Freddy Krueger's face so I settled with his stripped sweater and slashes, but I knew I had to include him. When I was younger I thought he was so cleaver because he got you in your dreams! (This was all back in my rated R movie days.) I so wanted to be his friend haha don't judge me...

Everyone has their own style with nail art. My killers are defiantly more cartoony and simple. I free handed all the nails using either a dotting tool, tooth picks and Q-tips. 

I mainly used my dotting tool for just about everything. For the joker's smile I drew it on with my doting tool and then drug out jagged pieces with a toothpick. I also used a tooth pick for Jigsaw's cheeks and the lines below his mouth.  I used a Q-tip for the Joker and It's hair and for clean up. If you break each look down its pretty simple and so much fun! 

Happy Painting! Xo,


  1. CUTE! I'm officially inspired to paint my nails! (its been a while) hehe!

  2. I love halloween and painted nails! Very creative!

  3. "Aint nobody got time for dat!"

    Haha these are awesome!

  4. These seriously rock Syna! Love them