Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dotted Flower Nails

As promised I'm going to show you how to do nails from our sister shoot...

I envy people so bad who can draw and paint. I feel like I can be artistic with hair and makeup but to actually draw something, not so much. And when it comes to nail art, the struggle is real! My want for awesome nails and my ability to free hand is a constant battle. So I say my looks are abstract, which is code for I can't make it look exactly like the real thing, but hey its still cute so I'll rock it.

I love these dotted flowers because really anyone can to it! Seriously its just dots :)

What you'll need:
Grey, Purple, Pink, White, & Green Polish
Nail art dotting tool or some Q-tips
Some toothpicks

1. Starting by painting all of your nails grey. (Or any neutral color you want you don't have to stick to this color scheme.)
2. Dip your dotting tool, Q-tip, pen or whatever you're using to make dots into the purple polish and make 3 dots in various sizes.
3. Do the same with the pink polish over lapping the purple polish.
4. Place tiny white dots in the middle of the purple and pink dots. Here you can use a toothpick, just about anything that is smaller than what you used for the pink and purple dots.
5. Then with another toothpick draw some lines with the green polish coming out of the dots making leaves.

Thats it! :) Happy Painting! Xo,

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