Monday, October 20, 2014

Audacious Lipstick by Nars

There has been so much hype about Nars' New Audacious Lipstick. Claiming to have single-stroke coverage that will last all day. I had to try one out and see for myself! Honestly they look so pretty, that alone would've sparked my curiosity. I love the magnetic cases! The majority of my lipsticks in my makeup kit are from M.A.C., I really like their lipstick and they are half the price. 

But It's good to be well rounded, so I bought Fanny (the top one shown)...
I like how they are all ladies names, super cute! Too bad there will never be one named Syna :(

I actually ended up using two coats, which is no big deal to me, I do that with every lipstick I use. Usually I would touch up my lipstick throughout the day but I really wanted to see what it would look like with no assistance. Here are the results, the picture on the left was taken at about 8am, before breakfast, (Can I just say its kinda gross how much lipstick we end up eating, it gets on our food, straws, everything!) and the picture on the right was taken at about 9pm!
So by the end of the day my lipstick was a little lighter but I was seriously amazed how well it stayed on! Defiantly longer than any other lipstick I've used before. Audacious lipsticks really lives up to the hype. I'm a fan! With the price being a little higher I think I'll be choosey on the colors I pick but I will for sure be getting more in the future.

You can buy some for yourself || Here ||

Pucker Up! Xo,

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  1. everyone raves about NARS, I guess I should try it! love it!