Friday, September 19, 2014


Have you ever heard that its good luck to have rain on your wedding day?
It seriously poured on our wedding day and I think just about every person attending had to have mentioned that to me. I was supper bummed because I had long extensions in and I got completely drenched so I looked like a wet rat. True story. So I figured that was just something everyone was telling me out of pity!

Well I hope that saying has some truth to it, so you can find a silver lining to the rain. (I love rain normally, just not for weddings.) I had the opportunity to do Michaela's hair and makeup for her wedding a few weeks ago. We did a thick crown braid in the front and big curls, but once she stepped out of the temple all those pretty curls went flat from the rain. Boo...
But at least her braid and makeup stayed in tack :)

Michaela and her mom came to my salon that morning and her dad came later towards the end of her appointment. They are the sweetest, happiest family ever. I loved seeing how sweet her parents were to her! Michaela is full of energy and is such a cute girl. I had so much fun getting her ready for her big day! Here are a few pictures from it...

|| Photos By: Mari-Catherine Vinton ||



  1. Her hair still looks beautiful! You always do such a beautiful job!