Friday, September 12, 2014

Canvas Cutouts

My eyelash/waxing room has had this plain wall that I just didn't know what to do with. Luckily the majority of my clients have their eyes closes when they are in there! So I was playing in Pinterest, which happens more often then I'd like to admit, and was inspired! 

I decided to make some canvas cutouts :) 

What You'll Need:
A Canvas 
Utility Knife
& Rotary Mat

I got my stuff || Here || || Here || & || Here ||
(The paint was left over from painting my salon.)

I started by drawing what I wanted to cut out of the canvases on a piece of paper. You can trace a pattern you like or just draw anything you want. 

Then I taped my drawing on the back of the canvas, placed the canvas faced down on the rotary mat and cut out my drawing with a utility knife. 

After that I painted the canvases. And Done-Zo!
Well I wish it was that easy!
Actually if I decide to do this again then it will be :)

|| Learn from my mistakes ||

 So you'll notice that my end result is slightly different from the first drawings and I only have two rather than three. That's because my Diamond pattern was way to close together so it made that canvas that was left way too flimsy and start to wave. So I scrapped it. Then when I cut out the one with multiple triangles it looked great but after I painted it, it started to wave in places as well. Boo ..So two down the drain. It's good I bought a whole pack of canvases!

Then finally I decide to paint it first and leave more space in-between each place I cut out. The paint made the canvas stiffer so it was easier to cut out and made the cuts smoother. 

So just make sure to paint first and leave more space and you're golden. Unless you're super talented then do whatever you want! Don't listen to me haha.

But here are my finished results and now my wall isn't so bare!

Happy Crafting! Xo,