Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy List!

My Happy List...
          [part 1]

  • When I'm done with work and the sun is still shinning
  • The feeling you get after you floss your teeth
  • When people get my mean girl references 
  • Aggie Blue Mint ice cream
  • Looking up baby animals on Pinterest
  • Mamma Pok's cooking
  • Laying in the grass, soaking up the sunshine & reading a book
  • Movie trailers
  • Once you reach the chains at the top of your climb. (I always jiggle them and yell ring ring)
  • Singing as loud as I can in the car/shower
  • My super cute nieces & nephews 
  • Bon fires
  • When you meet someone who is into the same weird things you're into
  • Summer Storms, I love warm rain, thunder, lightening, all of it!
  • When Joel talks with an asian accent
  • Mountains
  • Happy, awkward dancing. Thats why I love Taylor Swift's new video!
What makes you happy??

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