Thursday, August 7, 2014

     This is the most comfortable dress ever! That right there is the #1 selling point. #2, it's cheap, only $10.99 at Old Navy. (Oh I just checked online for a link and they're actually $16.97, go check out the store first they're a little cheaper there) and #3 it's made in Cambodia! Haha it put a smile on my face to see that on the tag :)

Again just wearing a black demi tee from Downeast. And my shoes are one of the two pairs I got for free (mentioned in a previous fashion post) from Pac Sun. I used to work at Pac Sun at the Gateway mall for a minute they always have great deals. I also saw a couple of European men changing right there in the middle of the store. But thats a whole other story...

Dress || Here || Demi Tee || Here ||
Shoes || Here ||
Photography || Here ||

Photos by the ever so lovely Lindsay aka London Photography.

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