Thursday, August 28, 2014

Instant Volume

For a long lasting style and instant volume my go to tool is Sam Villa's Textur Iron
I'm Pretty much obsessed with everything he does. Sam's my Hair Hero!
 I attended a hands on class that he taught last year and it was amazing.
|| Me & Sam Villa ||

He coined the term "Scrimping." 
Which is adding texture to the hair (what most people know of as crimping) in random sections.
He explains it a lot better in this tutorial.

Here is a before and after so you can really see how much volume the texture iron can add!
Crazy right?!

And a close up on what "Scrimping" looks like:

Now I have pretty thick hair in the first place so I wouldn't normally texturize/scrimp my whole head. When I do use it on myself, I'll normally just do the base of my crown to add a little height on top. 

But I love to use it for my brides to ensure their style will last all day. Once their hair is all prepped I'll curl it with a flat iron. After that you can hardly notice the crimps, so it doesn't look as crazy and you still get great volume. Then I'll comb it through with my fingers and run some oil in their hair to smooth it out a bit. 

I prepped this lovely bride that exact way. She had fine hair and you never would have guess from the picture below. Texturizing (which I'm pretty sure isn't an actually word so I'm coining that phrase! haha) her hair made it much easier to work with, and gave me great volume. Instead of backcombing, this is a great way to get a firm base for your up dos so your bobby pins have something to grip to. 
|| Photo by: Shanda Lynn Call || 

Here's a few more looks I've achieved with this technique:
|| Photo by: Shanda Lynn Call || || MUA: Celise Artistry  ||

Scimping will give you long lasting curls.
|| MUA: Yours Truly ||

And if you want to go crazy with some volume its the easiest way to achieve that!
|| Photo by: Shanda Lynn Call ||

I also love how it makes you braids more defined. Making them chunkier and really pop!
|| Photo by: Nicole Traveller || || MUA: Celise Artistry ||

Let me know if you try out this fabulous Textur Iron. I use mine all the time!
Happy Scrimping! Xo,


  1. Excellent job and great use of the Textur iron to add volume to your up styles! Sending you hugs!